Exciting Change!
This Year Only!
The Emergency Aid’s
105th Anniversary Celebration !
Tuesday, March 12, 2019
5:30-7:30 pm.

The Bercy
French Brasserie
7 E. Lancaster Avenue
Ardmore, Pennsylvania

A classic French brasserie reinterpreted with classically inspired modern brasserie cuisine featuring wood-fired rotisserie, freshly extruded pastas, and an array of steakhouse style cuts.

Come celebrate The Emergency Aid’s 105th Anniversary and its truly impactful Mentored Scholarships and Grants to significantly improve the lives of local women, children and families. Be a part of one of those outstanding Scholarships or Grants.

This is your chance to savor The Bercy’s delectable cuisine while helping to create a new Mentored Scholarship or Grant.

$105 per person

Information: alicedagit@aol.com or 610-896-7588

To be put on the list for an invitation, please share your email address here

Taste of the Main Line will return next year on Thursday March 12, 2020

105th Anniversary Celebration Host

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The Emergency Aid of Pennsylvania Foundation

~ Over 100 years of women serving those in need ~

Improving the Lives of Local Children and Families by:

  • Fostering Education, Leadership and Community Service through Mentoring and College Scholarships
  • Providing Grants to area Non-Profits significantly impacting the Present and Futures of local Children and Families


  • Tamra Adams
  • Carolyn Aspinall
  • Susan Baker
  • Cheryl Boles
  • Barbara Bravo
  • Ann Bridge
  • Kim Carey
  • Anne Scott Claghorn
  • Valerie Collado
  • Margery Cooper
  • Alice Dagit, Chair
  • Mary Kate Dagit
  • Molly Dagit
  • Kate Danser
  • Meg Donohue
  • Mary Lou Doyle
  • Lynn Duffy
  • Karen Earley
  • Susan Ellis
  • Lauren Force
  • Marion Fox
  • Kim Garno
  • Barbara Gilbert
  • Jane Gitomer
  • Sally Weiner Grotta
  • Ann Hazan
  • Bonnie Heenan
  • Brenda Helber
  • Sharon Holt
  • Michele Howard
  • Judy Huffaker
  • Danielle Kaluza
  • Karen Nagel Kamp
  • Sarah Kerr
  • Deirdre Koerick
  • Kate Kopp
  • Lois Krumbolz
  • Anny Laepple
  • Najiye Lynch
  • Marla McDermott
  • Susan McNamara
  • Joanie Milhous
  • Maria Mitchell
  • Stacy Moers
  • Maria Montero
  • Kristina O’Doherty
  • Vanessa Penaherrera
  • Sandra Pfaff
  • Kathie Pitocchelli
  • Luisa Rabe
  • Cay Read
  • Jeanine Reilly
  • Gabrielle Sacidor
  • Amy Sosnov
  • Shirley Stengel
  • Jen Tedeschi
  • Stevie Thompson
  • Debbie Van Dusen
  • Barbara Verica
  • Elizabeth von dem Hagen
  • Mary Wagner
  • Nancy Rainer-Wallace
  • Mary Anne Weber
  • Sibyl Weidner
  • Maria Whitman
  • Judy Worrell
  • Carol Wyeth
  • Gita Young
  • Julia Young